Cindy Hürlimann, Matthias Ansorge

Karakun AG / Carbonfuture GmbH


Cindy is a User Experience Designer at Karakun working with medium to large clients such as Daimler (automotive) or Clarient (chemistry). But we also help smaller companies or startups to create an impression especially when we can not only help the user but the planet at the same time.

Twitter: @travelfruit

Die Konstante in Matthias Karriere ist die Arbeit an komplexen Softwarelösungen, bei welchen andere das Handtuch werfen. Er hat Erfahrung in den Bereichen Banken und Versicherungen, öffentliche Hand, Telekommunikation und Industrie. Matthias hat einen Doktortitel in Mathematik von der Uni Freiburg. Er ist Partner und Mitgründer der Karakun AG, einem schweizer Software- und Beratungsunternehmen. Bei Carbonfuture ist Matthias für alle Aspekte der IT verantwortlich Planet and User in the focus

Your CO2 Footprint! Greenhouse gases! The climate change! These topics are omnipresent in our daily life and people are very conscious about reducing their CO2 footprint and compensating for their CO2 usage. But actually reduction is not enough. Removal is the new buzzword. We have to actively remove CO2 from the atmosphere and store it in a safe place to contain the global warming. But how should we do this? And what does it have to do with Design, Software Development and the BaselOne?

The German startup company carbonfuture GmbH aims at removing CO2 from the atmosphere, in particular at the storage of CO2 using so-called carbon sinks. The company plans to establish a centralized, trustworthy and reliable trading platform for all relevant stakeholders with a strong focus on security and transparency. As Karakun we had the honor to help building this trading platform and we were faced with four major challenges.

  1. The User
    This platform is brand-new, the company is a startup with a new and creative way to contribute to climate protection, there are rarely any competitors to look at- so where do we start to look at the user?

  2. The User
    The user again…because even though we don’t know much about him/her we still figured out that there is diverse set of roles that are going to use the platform and how do we satisfy their wish for mobile access?

  3. The Design
    We want carbonfuture to help becoming the best in class of the carbon sink economy so the design needs to reflect this.

  4. Technology
    This platform had to be the shining example of stability and security. So all our development work went into building a solid blockchain and reliable web platform on top.

This project was completed within only two months by a totally dedicated and committed team. Carbonfuture just went live with their platform and we hope for all their users and the plant earth that they will succeed. This talk will focus on the lifecycle of a software development and design project and showcases how we tackled it in this challenging environment.