Torben J├Ąger, Peter Palaga

Red Hat


Torben is a Principal Specialist Solution Architect at Red Hat and a Subject Matter Expert for OpenShift Container Platform. URL i
With a 20 years background in Software Development, Consulting and DevOps Torben is right now guiding Red Hat customers on their Digital Transformation journey, applying Modern AppDev principles to build a lightweight cloud-native architecture using container technology.

Twitter: @torbenjaeger


Peter Palaga is a senior software engineer for Red Hat Integration. He is mostly occupied by porting Apache Camel components to Quarkus. He likes tinkering with build tools, most notably mvnd - the Maven daemon. He worked on Red Hat Fuse, JBoss EAP and other Red Hat Middleware products in the past.

Twitter: @ppalaga

Quarkus Workshop

This workshop is designed to be a full day hands-on experience introducing Quarkus to Java developers.

The workshop has participants use CodeReady Workspaces to develop Quarkus apps and deploy them to OpenShift 4, and covers several other developer topics such as:

  • Dependency Injection
  • Testing Quarkus Apps
  • Debugging Quarkus Apps
  • Native compilation of Quarkus Apps
  • Deploying to OpenShift
  • Developing Cloud Native with Quarkus
  • Using Quarkus extensions
  • Hibernate ORM with Panache
  • Event-driven Messaging
  • Streaming Data with Quarkus and AMQ Streams/Kafka
  • Monitoring with Prometheus and Grafana
  • Tracing Quarkus Apps with Jaeger and MicroProfile Tracing
  • Securing apps using MicroProfile JWT and Red Hat SSO
  • Spring Web to Quarkus Qute + Spring DI to Quarkus CDI
  • Spring Data JPA to Quarkus Hibernate ORM with Panache
  • Strangling the Spring Monolith with Quarkus
  • Spring to Kubernetes Native with Quarkus