Markus Schlichting, Adrian Etter

Karakun AG / DSwiss AG


Markus is a Senior Software Engineer and Architect working for Karakun. He's spend most his time so far in building solutions for desktop, web and mobile and has become passionate about open source software and team culture. He loves to deliver working, beneficial solutions.
Markus organizes the Hackergarten in Basel and loves to contribte back to the open-source community. His community activities also include speaking at conferences and publishing articles.
In his sparetime, he likes to take photos, to spend time with his family and to ride his Motorbike to get some fresh air.

Twitter: @madmas

Adrian leads and inspires the front end web ecosystem at DSwiss AG to scale it for large groups of independent developers. His main focus is to guide his team to a clean and consistent architecture. Before joining DSwiss he transformed the research of dozens of professors and phds at the department of economics at the University of Zurich into digital success stories. Besides work he devotes himself to other web pet projects to express his eagerness to learn and grow and contribute in opensource projects.
In the remaining time he is a lieutenant in a local fire-fighting squad and a wakesurf instructor – at least by this he gets some fresh air!

Twitter: @code_fixer

Iterate a rich featured SPA to a distributed microfrontend enterprise architecture with Angular

We as developer struggle again and again to properly highlight to the business why code scalability and an up to date architecture for a long living product is crucial. A lessons learned from an iteratively boy scout rule applied approach on how to scale a legacy AngularJS JavaScript application to a distributed enterprise Angular application – while having a deployable application at all times.

This talk showcases the caveats and obstacles experienced and solutions applied when catapulting a long term product application from dusty web technologies into the 21st century.