Jasmin Fluri

Schaltstelle GmbH


Jasmin Fluri works as Software and Data Engineer at Schalstelle GmbH in Bern. She teaches at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland Software Engineering and Data Warehousing. Her engineering focus lies on efficient development methods, Continuous Integration and Delivery. In her Master Thesis, Jasmin studies the performance and engineering aspects of JSON Data Stores. She is a member of the Oracle ACE Program as an Oracle ACE.

Twitter: @jasminfluri


Myth-Busting : NoSQL vs SQL data stores

Data usually outlives applications. That's only one of many reasons why it is crucial to have a perfect data storage solution in place. We divide the most common storage solutions into NoSQL and SQL data stores. When it comes to which data store to choose for a project, many myths exist out there. Some arguments are also very emotional.
We will look at those myths and facts like performance, scalability, monitoring, and other software engineering aspects of NoSQL and SQL data stores in this talk. We will debunk some of them, confirm others and have a rational view of the features of different data storage solutions out there. At the end of the talk, you should know how to choose your use case's proper data storage.